How Does Curbside Work?

Everything you need to know before your curbside appointment can be found below.


We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Rest assured that we are doing our best to provide the highest quality of veterinary care while still maintaining the maximum amount of safety we can provide for our staff and clients. We are aware the wait times have increased, and for a wellness examination with vaccines, you should expect to be here about an hour. The wait times may increase for sick or extensive appointments, especially for diagnostics (you should plan for an hour and a half). Please feel free to discuss any additional needs you may have with the doctor.

Setting up your Appointment

  • You can still call to make your appointment 719-528-1693
  • You can now also text us to set up an appointment at 719-528-1208
  • Email is also an option but it can take up to 24 – 48 hours (depending on when we receive the email) to process it
  • Please Note: If you need a response quickly, your best route is to call us.

Paperwork Prior to Your Appointment

  • Doctor Appointments – We ask that you fill out a check-in form prior to your arrival for your appointment. You can even fill it out the day you make your appointment.
  • Boarding Reservations – If you made a reservation for boarding please fill out our Boarding Forms.
  • Grooming Services – If we have not seen your pet before, or if you would like to request additional services, please fill out a Grooming Form.
  • Technician Appointments – For nails, anal glands, or bloodwork, you do not need to fill out a check-in form.

Check-In Upon Arrival

  • The parking spots have signs that list the parking spot number along with the number to call 719-528-1693 to let us know you have arrived.
  • You can text us at 719-528-1208.
    • Please bring your phone with you to the appointment and be ready for us to contact you via phone.
    • We ask that you remain in the parking lot for the remainder of your doctor’s or technician appointment; we are still utilizing the examination rooms for appointments and do not have extra space for pets left as drop-off.

Starting the Appointment

  • Once you have checked in, a veterinary technician will be calling you to go over the treatment plan for your pet’s visit. They will review the check-in form and may have a couple of additional questions based on the form.
  • The technician will then instruct you that they will be right out to collect your pet.
    • Please have all dogs on leashes.
    • Please step outside of your vehicle and pass the leash over to the technician (at the front of your vehicle). Or, if your pet is nervous, you can walk with the technician to the front door.
    • All cats are required to be in a carrier.


  • The technician will escort your pet inside and into an examination room.
  • They will get the weight and vitals of your pet.
  • They will get any authorized vaccines ready along with any laboratory samples.
  • They will notify the doctor that your pet is ready for examination.


  • The doctor will have looked over the chart along with your check-in form.
  • They will then perform a complete nose-to-tail examination, going over any questions or concerns you listed on the check-in form or discussed with the room technician.
  • They will give the vaccines discussed during the check-in process or any other approved procedures.
  • Once they have completed a thorough examination, the doctor will reach out via phone call to discuss the findings and recommendations.
  • Please note we have multiple lines and different phone numbers.
  • After the doctor has discussed with you any findings or additional treatment options available, they will go over a treatment plan with you.
  • Any approved additional services will be provided.


  • The room technician will get any medications or products approved and authorized.
  • They will then escort your pet back out to your vehicle.
  • Payment will be collected, and any discharge instructions will be given.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you be doing curbside?

We continue to monitor the guidelines provided by the state and federal government. We will continue curbside appointments for as long as the social distancing guidelines are in place.

Why are you not allowing people in the building yet? People are going shopping, getting nails/hair done, restaurants, etc.
  • None of our examination rooms allow for social distancing (six feet).
  • The services that we are providing are being performed on your pet, which means we only need to have physical and close prolonged contact with your pet. When you drop your pet off for surgical procedures you are not allowed in the back or to wait with your pet. The same care and compassion you have come to expect from us are still being provided just at a safe distance.
  • We will not put our medical staff in a position to police mask-wearing.
  • The additional cleaning and sanitation that is required to clean an entire exam room, the front lobby, and doors after a person has been in the clinic, doubles. This would make the available rooms back up by additional 20 – 30 minutes, again cutting the number of pets we can provide services for in a day by half.
  • Most days with two doctors on, we are running over maximum capacity for the number of pets which can be seen in a day, with the extended appointment times. We do our absolute best not to have to send clients to the emergency room, nor do we like having routine visits book out for 4 – 6 weeks because of all the backlog.
We hear you, the “you all just like keeping the owners away from their pets”.

We promise you this is by far the hardest thing we have ever had to deal with in veterinary medicine. No one, from the doctors to the receptionist, likes to keep people out of the building. In fact, it has made our jobs exponentially harder and takes even longer to provide services. But we also feel very strongly about keeping our staff and our clients as safe as possible. The number of pets that we can help if we have to close the doors for even a few days can be detrimental.

Are there any exceptions to the no clients inside? Why did I see someone just walk out of the building?
  • End-of-life appointments we allow for up to two clients max, with masks worn appropriately, can be brought into the examination room before the final goodbye.
  • If your pet is really stressed when it comes into the building, the doctor may place a call to allow one person to come in with the pet (with a mask worn appropriately).
We treat your pets like the valued family members they are.


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