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Weight Management and Nutrition for Pets in Colorado Springs, CO

Did you know that your pet can be obese or underweight, and these weight issues can be dangerous to the pet’s health? Here at Centennial Animal Hospital, we offer weight management and nutrition services in Colorado Springs, CO. If you have a dog or cat and are concerned about their weight and nutritional intake we want to help you with professional veterinary care.

husky puppy laying on a scale.

Pet Obesity

One of the most common weight management issues we treat at our animal hospital in Colorado Springs is being overweight or obese. When a pet is overfed, fed a diet high in fat, or suffering from lack of activity or exercise, the animal’s weight can creep up. All too often pet owners find this to be a characteristic of their pet and not a health problem. 

Unfortunately, pets that are overweight or obese can have just as many health issues as an overweight human. Health issues include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypothyroidism. Obese dogs, in particular, lose mobility, increase risk of knee and hip issues, increase their risk of cancers, and have a decreased lifespan.

Underweight Pets and Weight Loss

On the other end of the weight management spectrum is weight loss. For pets that lose weight while suffering from lethargy, diarrhea, redness, or hair loss, this combination is a sign of a chronic disease. A chronic disease could be stomach ulcers, diabetes, infected teeth, heart disease, tumors, or neurological disorders. In other words, if your pet is losing weight unexplainably, then it is likely a symptom of a serious health condition. 

Improved Pet Nutrition

Treating obesity or weight loss in pets begins with a proper diagnosis and veterinary care. We can help your pet achieve optimal weight through pet nutrition. This typically involves doing a blood screen panel to check for signs of nutritional deficiencies, as well as kidney, bladder, or other organ failures. Our veterinary clinic includes an onsite lab and diagnostic digital imaging to process any medical testing for expedient results. 

From there we can provide your pet with a more beneficial diet plan and food source, such as supplements for a pet’s food. If your pet is suffering from a chronic disease, our veterinarians near Colorado Springs are fully equipped to provide treatment. Whether your pet needs surgery, dental care, or pet boarding, we are available to assist you and your pet. 

Meet Our Colorado Springs Veterinarian Today!

Here at Centennial Animal Hospital, our Colorado Springs veterinarian staff includes the team of Dr. Mike Stahl, Dr. Nicole Stahl, Dr. Anita Martinez, and Dr. Evelyn Fitzpatrick. As a full-service animal hospital, our vets provide pet wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping, spay and neuters, senior screening, pet surgery, and dentistry for pets. We also offer pet boarding and grooming services. Contact our office at 719-528-1693 to request more information about pet nutrition and weight management or for Colorado Springs veterinary care.

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