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Our Colorado Springs Veterinarian Reminds Pet Owners about Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exam, Colorado Springs Chiropractor

A  pet wellness exam is one of the most important and beneficial steps pet owners can take for their furry friends each year. This service is performed by trained, experienced veterinarians and covers key areas such as vaccinations, nutritional counseling, dental care, weight management, microchipping and overall wellness care.

An annual Colorado Springs Pet Physical is ideal for most pets; however, senior pets and those facing health challenges should see a veterinarian at least every six months to ensure proper wellness care and maximize quality of life.

Some of the top reasons for regular pet wellness exams include:

Early Detection. Comprehensive wellness examinations are crucial for finding and diagnosing any health issues in their earliest phases. This in turn makes treatment more possible, more effective, less elaborate and ultimately less costly.

A Year is longer in Pet Years. Pets age from six to 10 years in animal years for every human year. That’s a substantial amount of aging in just one year, and health can change substantially in this amount of time.

Pets Cannot Communicate Many Health Issues. Another key reason to see a Colorado Springs veterinarian at least once per year is that animals cannot tell you if something is wrong. In fact, it is the nature of most animals to try and hide any injuries or illness for as long as possible.

What a Pet Wellness Exam Will Cover

Comprehensive pet wellness exams check animals from head to tail. All major body systems are examined to ensure proper functioning so that any issues can be addressed early, while they are still minor. Your pet’s exam will cover:

Coat and Skin. Your pet’s coat and skin will be examined and treated for any rashes, allergies, parasites or pests.

Weight. The pet will be weighed and recommendations made if the pet is over- or underweight.  

Eyes, Ears and Nose. The eye structures will be checked for abnormal responses and cataracts. The ear drums, ear flaps and ear canal will also be examined for infections, ear mites and tumors. The nose will be checked for signs of discharge, drainage or infection.

Lungs and Heart. A stethoscope is used to listen to check the lungs and heart for abnormal sounds or murmurs.

Oral health. A dental inspection can find tooth decay, gum issues, masses and abnormal smells so that the source can be located and treated.

Body Systems Assessment. The pet’s abdomen, anal area, joints and legs are examined for any issues with pain, range of motion or other abnormalities. A stool sample can check for parasites.

In addition to dental care, weight management and the other wellness care areas listed here, your Colorado Springs pet wellness exam may also include any required vaccinations, nutritional counseling or microchipping upon request. 

Clearly, there is a range of health benefits from an annual Colorado Springs pet physical. Contact Centennial Animal Hospital at (719) 528-1693 to book a pet wellness exam today.

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