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Pet Vaccinations in Colorado Springs

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Getting your pet vaccinated is a crucial step in maintaining a long and healthy lifestyle for them. If you want your pet to avoid disease and get the lifespan they deserve, then regular vaccinations – plus additional vaccines as become necessary for travel – are crucial.

Your Friendly Colorado Springs Veterinarian

Here at Centennial Animal Hospital, we believe strongly in giving each pet their best shot at life. We would love to be the Colorado Springs veterinarian you trust for exams, checkups and vaccinations. Keeping your pet healthy and sound is, luckily, often as simple as making sure they’re up to date on all their inoculations so they’re protected against some of the most common problems cats and dogs encounter both abroad and right in your backyard. If you’re looking for a Colorado Springs veterinarian to help you, you’ve come to the right place.

Pet Vaccinations and Travel Vaccinations: An Important Step

Pet vaccinations are crucial from the time dogs and cats are very small, all the way through old age. Some pet vaccinations such as: Rabies is preventative and advisable in all canine and feline cases, for instance, while others may vary depending on the situation. If you are traveling, it’s crucial to get travel vaccinations. No matter what the case, keeping your animal strong, healthy and protected against diseases that can shorten their lifespan or cause them discomfort is always our highest goal. Whether you’re looking for pet vaccinations or travel vaccinations, come to us. We would love to help, always recommending the best possible course of treatment for the pet you love and ensuring their lifelong health.

Rabies isn't just preventable it is required by law for all dogs and cats in our state. Core vaccines for dogs are rabies vaccine and the Da2PP-L (D =distemper) (A2 = adenovirus), (P = parvo virus), (P= parainfluenza), and (L = leptospirosis). Recommended vaccines based on the need and lifestyle of the pet are Bordatella vaccines (kennel cough) and Influenza vaccine one or both are required by many kennels, grooming and doggy daycare facilities.  Rattlesnake vaccine for those avid hikers and bikers can help give your pet more time in order to seek emergency care if your pet is bitten by a rattlesnake. 

Core vaccines for cats are Rabies, and FVRCPP, (FVR = Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis), (C= calicivirus), and (P = Panleukopenia), (P= Chlamydiosis). Recommended vaccines outdoor cats or cats that will be kenneled FeLV = Feline leukemia virus.

We require cats that are boarding with us to have a negative FeLV-FIV on file before boarding with us.

For travel having the core vaccinations is a good start, depending on the exposure risk recommended vaccines can be suggested for your pet. Also for travel it is important to discuss with the doctor many areas outside of Colorado have more problems with fleas and ticks, as well as heartworm disease. So making sure your pet is protected before traveling to higher risk areas is very important.
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Here at our expert Colorado Springs animal hospital, we always put pet health before our bottom line. That means no matter what stage of life or situation your pet is in, we will always advise the best possible course of treatment, customized for their wellness. You can call our Colorado Springs animal hospital any time to set up an appointment or discuss your pet’s health at (719) 528-1693, or email us through our website. We would love to help you and your pet to better health today.

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