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Microchipping at Centennial Animal Hospital in Colorado Springs

At Centennial Animal Hospital, we work hard to protect pets from unnecessary pain and suffering. Our mission is to help you and your pet enjoy many years of memories together, and our preventative services make that possible for families throughout Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, one of the biggest risks for pets isn't medical. Almost a third of all pets are lost or separated from their owners at some point, so we offer microchipping in addition to our other preventative products and services.

Dog running through a field in Colorado Springs, his owners are worry free because he was microchipped at Centennial Animal Hospital

Microchipping is a quick procedure that could save your pet's life. Learn how easy it is to microchip your pet, and why we recommend this basic benefit for every dog and cat in Colorado Springs.

Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

Microchipping pets is one of the many ways we minimize risks for our patients and their families. But what, exactly, does a microchip do for pets? Well, a microchip is essentially a tiny, scannable computer chip that has a unique serial number. This serial number is linked to your pet's name and description, as well as your name and contact information. Because a microchip will stay under your pet's skin forever, it's much more reliable than collars and ID tags, which may fall off or get stolen.

After a dog or cat microchip is in place, veterinarians and shelters throughout the country will be able to scan your pet's neck and identify his or her owner. This is true no matter where your pet gets lost, or how far they travel! Missing pet posters only reach so many eyes, and they don't work if your pet gets lost on vacation or reaches a different neighborhood, city, or state. Microchips, however, last forever and always keep your pet linked to you.

Get a Microchip from Our Colorado Springs Veterinarian

Our Colorado Springs veterinarian knows how important it is to keep your family together. We microchip dog and cat patients at Centennial Animal Hospital and we recommend this basic procedure for every new patient. During the procedure, we simply use a needle to inject the tiny microchip between your pet's shoulder blades. Your vet may apply local anesthetic first to numb the area, but it's relatively painless and quick.

In fact, microchipping is so simple that we can combine it with other procedures. If you need a cat or dog microchip for an unaltered pet, we will wait and do it during the spay or neuter surgery. After the microchip is in place, there's no need for rest or recovery. We use Microfindr microchips which are connected to online registries, so your pet’s tag number will be linked to their name and your contact information.  We will go over the registration process with you, however you will need to update your pet’s microchip registry anytime you move.Get Your Pet Microchipped in Colorado Springs Today!

Does your pet still need a microchip? Contact online or call 719-528-1693 Centennial Animal Hospital today to make an appointment with our veterinarian in Colorado Springs. 

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