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Centennial Animal Hospital Provides Diagnostic Digital Imaging for Pets in Colorado Springs

Centennial Animal Hospital digital imaging devices.

Digital x-rays allow your veterinarian near Colorado Springs to immediately evaluate images, determine the extent and nature of your pet's medical problem and begin treatment as soon as possible. Because diagnostic images obtained through digital radiology technology can also be enhanced and enlarged using special software, your vet receives detailed views of your pet's internal organs, joints and mouth to develop the most accurate diagnosis possible. In addition, the use of digital radiography in veterinary medicine facilitates communication among our veterinarians and the specialty veterinarians in Colorado Springs.  Also, with the ability to store digital x-ray images, veterinarians can electronically send specific images to another vet within minutes of taking the image. For pet owners and their pets, this significantly reduces the time between diagnosis and treatment.

Minimal Radiation Exposure with Digital Radiology

Another advantage to diagnosing your pet's medical condition using digital x-rays involves the dramatic reduction of radiation emission. In fact, exposure to radiation is reduced by as much as 80 percent when digital radiology technology is used instead of conventional x-rays. Because sensors based on digital technology are much more responsive to imagery components than film, digital radiography requires less radiation to generate clear, precise images of your pet's health issues.

Reasons, why your veterinarian may need to take digital x-rays, include:

  • Bone fractures/displaced joints/bone infections/bone tumors
  • Foreign objects in the chest/stomach/intestines
  • Infections/injury to the kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, reproductive organs and heart
  • Oral problems (dental caries, abscesses in the gums, tumors, trauma to the mouth/jaw)
  • Problematic pregnancies
  • Postoperative assessments

Digital x-rays taken by your veterinarian near Colorado Springs may be electronically stored and saved for easy access in the future. Since digital radiology images can be transmitted to other medical professionals if necessary, they can eliminate the need for your pet to undergo additional radiographs for specific treatment. Veterinary clinics like Centennial Animal Hospital that choose to go filmless are not only increasing their productivity and level of animal care but also optimizing their ability to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for your pet's health issues that might otherwise remain undetected by exposure-type X-ray technology.

Why are Pets Sometimes Sedated before Taking Digital X-rays?

In some cases, your pet may need to lay perfectly still in order to take the best digital images possible. Sedation is typically needed when we take radiographs of the spine, skull, hips and oral cavity. For example, when diagnosing hip dysplasia, we require your pet to lay on his/her back with hind legs extended and turned inward. Since this is an awkward position, your pet experiences less stress and discomfort by being sedated prior to taking digital x-rays.

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Your veterinarian near Colorado Springs invites you to learn more about the benefits of digital imaging by calling our animal hospital today at 719-528-1693 and speaking to a friendly staff member. We also offer wellness exams, emergency care, dog and cat vaccinations, microchipping, acupuncture for pain relief, pet grooming and pet boarding services

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