Spay and Neuter Protects Your Pet's Health

As a pet owner, you may already know that the decision to spay or neuter your pet is one of the most Veterinarian in Colorado Springs Spay and Nueterimportant choices that you can make. Our veterinarian in Colorado Springs strongly encourages pet owners to consider spaying and neutering their pets. Doing so not only helps to control the unwanted animal population, but also reduces the risk for certain health problems in pets, including some types of cancer.

Veterinarian in Colorado Springs Recommends Spay and Neuter

Cancer is one of the most common problems affecting pets as they age. Breast cancer in female pets is difficult to treat and has a 50 percent fatality rate for dogs and 90 percent for cats. Spaying female dogs and cats before their first heat reduces the risk for breast cancer by 98% – virtually eliminating this deadly disease. Spaying before the first heat also reduces the risk for ovarian and uterine tumors as well as other reproductive disorders.

Neutering male cats and dogs helps to control unwanted behavioral problems, including spraying to mark territory, aggression, and attempting to escape to find a mate. Unneutered males will stop at nothing to find a mate. This can lead to aggressive behavior and, if the males escape, increased risk for territorial fights with other males. Unneutered males who frequently escape are also at risk for car injuries and contracting infectious diseases, resulting in expensive emergency medical care and increasing the risk for accidental death. Neutering male pets lessens their desire to roam, directly their attention on the family, rather than finding a mate. Neutering males before six months of age has the greatest impact on reducing these unwanted behaviors.

Spaying and neutering pets significantly improves their overall quality of life and reduces the risk for certain health problems. Whenever possible, our veterinarian in Colorado Springs recommends this pet surgery prior to six months of age (or a female’s first heat); however, spaying and neutering at any age has positive health benefits for pets.

In addition to improving your pet’s quality of life, spay and neuter helps reduce the unwanted animal population. With our Colorado Springs animal shelters already over-crowded, additional unwanted animals place a greater burden on society and reduce the number of available homes. All pets deserve a loving home; spay and neuter helps make this possible.

Our veterinary hospital has substantial experience with pet surgery, including spay and neuter, and we are committed to making this process as easy as possible for pets and their owners. Procedures are typically performed early in the day so pets are ready to return home by late afternoon. All pets are sent home with pain medication and detailed information about the recovery process. Our veterinarian in Colorado Springs is available at all times to answer questions that pet owners may have before and after the procedure.

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