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The Importance of Spay and Neuter Surgery

Posted on 08-15-2017

We all want our furry family members to enjoy long, healthy lives, and a good part of that process is with appropriate veterinary care. Spaying and neutering your cats and dogs can go a long way t...

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Treating Ear Infections

Posted on 08-11-2017

If your pet has an ear infection, they are probably in a great deal of discomfort or pain. Ear infections are a common affliction, accounting for 1 out of every 5 dogs and 1 out of every 15 cats w...

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Avoid Heatstroke this Summer

Posted on 07-17-2017

The summer is a time to explore and enjoy the beautiful weather conditions. Unfortunately, a pet maintains a coat throughout the summer months and may face challenges with heat stroke when tempera...

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Foxtails and Spring Hazards

Posted on 05-23-2017

What does spring mean for you and your dog or cat? Most likely you’ll be spending more time outside together enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. But spring also poses some health and sa...

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Signs your Pet has Allergies

Posted on 05-22-2017

This is the time of year when allergies can be brutal, especially allergies from tree and grass pollen. But did you know your pet is susceptible to a variety of allergies, including seasonal aller...

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